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Hello! My name is Gadi

... a first-generation Central American immigrant who grew up in the Midwest and now reside in Chicago. I'm a Docu-Style Commercial photographer and gaffer, and I love nothing more than creating stunning images.


My specialty is lifestyle food and drink photography, where I utilize my camera to bring out the best qualities in each dish and capture authentic human interactions. Aside from taking awesome photos, I'm all about having fun, new experiences, and exploring new places. No matter if it's a dive bar, a Michelin Star restaurants, or beautiful mountain hikes, I'm always up for trying something new and getting to know new people along the way.


When it comes to my work, I take pride in my ability to bring my clients' visions to life. Preferably, I work with smaller teams to have a more personal experience with each client. My passion for photography lies in creating images that are so visually appealing, they make people stop scrolling and contemplate the meaning of life... or at least, inspire them to try something new for dinner.

So if you're looking for a photographer who's got passion, a chill vibe, and is 100% dedicated to making your project look amazing, let's connect and discuss your needs

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